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tentinyfandoms's Journal

Ten Tiny Fandoms -- A Themed Fan Fiction Community
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Welcome to tentinyfandoms.
This community was set up to promote stories for very small fandoms without forcing the participants to write thirty or fifty or a hundred stories for the same fandom or character. Participants of tentinyfandoms will agree to write ten stories in two, five, or ten separate small fandoms using one of the ten available theme sets.

How to participate:
1. Join the community. You will not be accepted if you are not a community member. Once you are a member of the community, you will also be able to Request-a-Fandom. You do not have to claim anything to make a request.

2. Choose one of the following challenges:
Two fandoms - Five stories for each fandom
Five fandoms - Two stories for each fandom
Ten fandoms - One story for each fandom

3. Choose a theme set. There are ten sets to choose from, plus one extra set. You can use the themes from the extra set to replace up to three themes from the set you choose.

4. Go to the claims post to sign up.

5. Wait until I accept your claim before trying to post. You will not have posting access before I have accepted you.

6. Post your stories as you write them. You needn't write your stories in any order. Just as they come to you. There are no deadlines, but if you don't post for two months, I will check in with you to make sure you're still interested in participating.

When posting your story, use the following header:

Subject line: Fandom (Characters/Pairings, Theme). For example: The Hours (Laura Brown, Set I/#10: Silence.)

Theme: (Include the actual theme, not just the numbers. For example, "Set II, Theme 5, Hinge" or simply "hinge" would be acceptable. "Set II, #5" would not.)

You may add to the header, but please include all of the above information.

7. If you have any further questions, check the FAQ.

Quick Links
- Claim Post
- Theme Sets
- Drops/Finished
- FAQ.
- Request-a-Fandom.

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